Genie AWP-25S Man Lift

Genie AWP-25S Man Lift

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The Genie AWP-25S Super Series aerial work platform can be used in a variety of light-duty construction and maintenance applications. Its lightweight design makes it easy to load and transport in a ute, van or small truck and can be loaded and set up easily by one person.

Quick, one-person setup and simple operation
Durable mast system
Small outrigger footprint for positioning close to walls
Fully electric, no batteries just needs a power supply
Bubble level for safe set up
Loading pivot to easily allow 1 person to load onto a ute
Manual lowering valve

Platform height: 7.5m
Working height: 9.6m
Capacity: 159kg
Machine weight: 333kg

Stowed dimensions:
L: 1310mm
W: 750mm
H: 1980mm

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